GPR_WD_Iyengar Wedding Invitation _Digital

Wedding Invitations 2 Fold card

Folded Size: (Width 7 inches x Height 8.3 inches)

Open Size (Width 14 x Height 8.3 inches).

This card is printed in 300 GSM Art Board.

Outer View of Wedding Invitation Card


Inner View of Wedding Invitation Card



The Invitation card would be a two fold card in the format of a folder.The invitation content would be printed on an insert that would be thinly pasted in the middle of the card.If the invitation content is in English only, an silver off white sheet can be used for printing. If the content is in Tamil and English a traditional “ Manjal Pathrikai” in pink and Yellow may be used.

The envelope of the card would contain golden borders suiting the design of the card.

Our invites speak our traditions and culture.

We prepare customised Wedding Invites specially for your community describing your customs. Different Hindu Communities have different important events in a marriage. The important events are illustrated as colour paintings by Artist Maya and the events are described with their scientific meaning. We prepare cards exclusively for your community.

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