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Simple Wedding Invitation with Oonjal Image on the front. Bride and bridegroom are made to sit on a swing together while ladies give them a slight push signifies that the couple will stay together in the ups and downs of life.

As the swing moves up and comes back, the bride and bridegroom promise to be there for each other in all the situations that they will encounter in their life as man and wife, however pleasant or unpleasant these situations might be.

Product features a Maroon background. Background colour or Design can be changed as per requirement.


Minimum Qty: 100


  • The Invitation card would be a two fold card in the format of a folder.
  • The invitation content would be printed on an insert. The insert would be pasted in the middle of the card.
  • English only Content – If the invitation content is in English only, an silver off white sheet can be used for printing.
  • Tamil & English Content – If the content is in Tamil and English a traditional “Manjal Pathrikai” in pink and Yellow may be used.

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